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About coral light lotion bath salt

How much is used at one time?
Is there any problem such as rusting of the bathtub even if it is used in a general bathtub?
Can hot water containing coral light lotion bath salt be reheated?
Is the remaining hot water available for washing?
Can the hot water be reused the next day?
Do you need to take a bath every day?
If you take a bath with coral light lotion bath salt, do you need to apply a moisturizer such as lotion or cream after taking a bath?
Do coral light lotion bath salts dissolve in water?
Should I take a bath every day?Or is it okay to do it once a week?
How long should I use it to get a therapeutic effect?
How long is the bathing time?
Is it effective for diseases other than atopic dermatitis?
Can I buy it directly at the store?
It says bath salts, but do you use salt?
When I was using bath salts, blue hot water came out. Is that okay?
Is it possible to dissolve the coral light lotion bath salt in water and use it as a lotion?
Can pregnant women and infants take a bath?
Can it be used for dogs?
Isn't the powder melted in the drainage port accumulated or clogged after being used for a long time?
Is it okay to add bath salts when using hot water with bath salts the next day?

About subscription

Is it possible to cancel a regular flight in the middle?What will happen to the charges in that case?
Is it possible to skip (holiday)?
Can I change the course?
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