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Our Mission

We aim to achieve the SDGs by solving social issues such as "global warming," "food crisis," and "new infectious diseases."

GUDi challenges to develop solutions to the problems facing humanity
by concentrating wisdom derived
GUDi challenges to develop solutions to the problems facing humanity
Atmosphere -Reducing CO₂ emissions
Food - Improving food environments safety and quality
Protection - Protecting from infectious diseases
Satisfaction - Making feel relaxed
Comfortable - Creating an eco-friendly and enjoyable environment
Perspective 1

COReducing CO₂ emissions
Global Warming Prevention / Key Material: Wood Chip Mortor Block / Product Name: GUD Block
We try to leave a beautiful and healthy global environment
for future generations by making an effort to reduce the concentration of CO₂ in the atmosphere
back to the levels of prior to the Industrial Revolution.
Perspective 2
Improving food environments safety and quality
Avoidance of Food Crises / Key Material: Fermented Bark Soil Conditioner / Product Name: GUD Agri
We try to create the environment surrounding foods safely and sustainably
by improving the quality of soil, water, air and working environment of people.
Copper mask
Perspective 3
Protecting from infectious diseases

Efforts to Prevent New Infectious Diseases / Key Material: Photocatalytic Copper Fiber Sheet / Product Name: GUD Sheet
We try to develop new technology to overcome the threat of infectious diseases
and create a society where can live without any fear.

Perspective 4
Making feel relaxed

Creation of comfortable break time / Key material: Coralite bath salt that creates time for beautiful skin and healing / Product name: Sangolite BATH SALT 
We try to make your skin beautiful and your bath time relaxing
by using natural minerals originated from coral as a bath additive.

Perspective 5
Creating an Eco-friendly and Enjoyable Environment
Creating a comfortable living environment in harmony / Key item: Eco-friendly street riding electric vehicle mini EV / Product name: GUDDY
We try to make your lifestyle a global eco-friendly
and enjoyably by living with mini EV (electric vehicle).
Our Vision

Spinning the future full of safety and comfort
We at GUDi Co., Ltd will continue to use all our power to bring our imagined future to reality.

Our founding concept was
by concentrating wisdom derived
from Gunma University,
then we try to create wonderful and great future.

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How to completely solve the global warming problem


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