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It fixes cadmium in the soil and significantly reduces the concentration of cadmium in agricultural products.

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It improves the taste.

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Increase the yield.

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In 2007, the Gunma Prefectural Office called the Gunma University Itabashi Lab. There is "magic powder" that erases heavy metals in the soil. There is a person who visited to use it in Gunma prefecture. I didn't understand how this could be, so I asked him if I could ask about it. The “magic powder” brought in was fermented bark (cedar bark), and when this powder was sprinkled in a field, the concentration of cadmium in the soil dropped dramatically. But matter is unlikely to disappear. 
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How it works

GUD Agri is fermented bark. Since bark contains lignin, it has an action of adsorbing heavy metals such as cadmium. This will prevent the transfer of cadmium to crops. In addition, sprinkling GUD agri will make the soil reductive. Soil contains sulphate ions, which are converted to sulphide ions when reduced. Cadmium ions in the soil combine with sulfide ions and become a form that is difficult to be taken into agricultural products. These two effects reduce the concentration of cadmium in crops. We are currently studying the mechanism of improving the taste and yield, but we believe that the active ingredients such as nitrogen contained in GUD agri have an effect.


・ Gungin Business Support Award 2017 Excellence Award
"Unused Gunma Biomass Saves the World-Soil Conditioners that Create Food Safety-"
It is made from fermented bark of cedar, which is not normally used, and has the function of lowering the heavy metal concentration in agricultural products. Has been proven. Gunma Prefecture has many cedar trees, and by using cedar bark, which is not normally used, as raw material, it is expected to be effective in reducing garbage and utilizing forest resources.
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