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Innovation from
Gunma University!

Hello everyone. I am Hideyuki Itabashi, a Chairman of GUDi Co., Ltd. I am also a professor of Gunma University. I established "GUDi (Gunma University Development & Innovation)" to make Gunma the best innovation base in the world, like Silicon Valley.

In order to “make Gunma into Silicon Valley”, we need a source of knowledge that will bring about the rise of innovation. Gunma University is responsible for that.

 I am currently in charge of public relations at Gunma University.Therefore, the direction the university is aiming for is "formulation and promotion of SNK."
SNK stands for
S = Stanford
N = Nuku (means “surpass” in Japanese)
K = Keikaku (means “plan” in Japanese)

 It won't be possible overnight.However, even after 50 years, Gunma University will definitely overtake Stanford University.How can I do that?
 it's simple.There are three things to do.

1.Bringing students and faculty members who have a spirit from the outside (Soto).
2.Increasing the spirit of internal (Naka) students and faculty members.
3.Collecting money (Kane).

"Soto," "Naka," and "Kane," which are also "SNK."

Of these, S and N are still not so bad. There are many students and faculty members who are enthusiastic about their studies and research aiming to be the best in the world. Many of the research results are at the top level in the world.
However, because K (Kane, means “money” in Japanese) has lost a lot, the current situation is far more open. Stanford University is said to have about 2 trillion yen in funding. The current Gunma University is far from over. If the university has abundant funds, it can support the tuition fees and study abroad costs for students, and the university can also pay for research. Universities will definitely develop if we can create an environment in which we can engage in education and research with peace of mind.
So how does Stanford University raise money? That is, a part of the profits generated by business ventures by universities are returned to the universities.

You can create this system at Gunma University!

 "Good Eye (GUDi)" was established with the intention of thinking.
 At the start, Goodeye develops products centered on my research results and develops its business.But I'm not going to stay here. As the slogan of "Turning the knowledge of the university into value", we will commercialize the research results of faculty members other than myself.We also actively support the entrepreneurship of teachers and students.Based on Good Eye, we will continue to create second and third university-launched ventures and build an ecosystem of innovation in Gunma.

Make a miracle from Gunma!

If you would like to encounter this "miracle", please feel free to contact us. As a researcher, as a collaborative research partner, as a manufacturer of GUDi products, or as an evangelist aiming to spread, there are many things that we would like you to cooperate with. Let's go hand in hand to the miracle. Let's make a miracle with us!

Company Information

Company nameGUDi Co., Ltd
Chairperson of the BoardHideyuki Itabashi (Professor, Gunma University Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
PresidentKeiro Higuchi
Capital2 million yen (including capital reserve)
Business areaDevelopment and sales of earth / nature / human / life related products
Business support / business consulting in the above areas

Main office

Gunma Prefecture, Kiryu City, Tenjin-cho 1-5-1 Gunma University, Kiryu Campus

Satellite office

Gunma Prefecture Kiryu City Honmachi 6-384-1 Anchor Village XNUMXnd floor

Profile: Hideyuki Itabashi

NameHideyuki Itabashi Born in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture
Educational HistoryMarch 1981 Graduated from Gunma Prefectural Kiryu High School
Mar.1986 Graduated from Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Gunma University
Mar. 1988 Completed Master's Program in Applied Chemistry, Gunma University Graduate School of Engineering
March 1991 Completed doctoral course in chemistry, Graduate School of Chemistry, University of Tsukuba (Doctor of Science)
Career historyApr. 1991 Associate Researcher, Department of Chemistry, University of Tsukuba
July.1991 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Tsukuba
Jan. 1993 Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Gunma University
Oct. 1997 Associate Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Gunma University
April.2004 Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Gunma University
Apr. 2009 Gunma University, Graduate School of Engineering, Dean of Engineering (until Mar. 04)
Apr.2013 Professor, Gunma University Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Deputy Director, Research and Industry-Academia Collaboration Strategy Promotion Organization
May 2016 Gunma University President's Special Assistant
November 2017 Established Good Eye Co., Ltd Chairman of the Board
April 2021 Vice President, Gunma University
Major career historyMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Expert, Graduate School Subcommittee, Central Education Council
Japan Chemical Society: Kanto Branch Chemical Education Council
(Company) Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry: Representative, Kanto Branch Executive Secretary, Steering Committee for Environmental Analysis Research, "Bunseki", "Anal. Sci.", "J. Flow Injection Anal."
Japan Iron and Steel Institute: Councilor, "Newsletters" editorial board
Gunma Prefecture: Environmental Council Chairman, Gender Equality Promotion Committee
Kiryu-shi: Board of Education / Superintendent of Education, Environmental Council Chairman
Tomioka City: Chairman of the Natural Energy Utilization Committee
Midori City: Chairman of Tourism Promotion Planning Committee
Major books"Instrument Analysis Lab Guide" (Kodansha), "Analytical Chemistry from Basics" (Asakura Shoten), "Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry Vol. XLI, Chelation Solvent Extraction for Separation of Metal Ions" (Elsevier).
Major awards1997 Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry Encouragement Award
1998 Flow Injection Analysis Progress Award
2003 Flow Injection Analysis Paper Award
2008 Flow Injection Analysis Academic Award
2015 Environmental Science Society Best Paper Award
2017 Gungin Business Support Award, Excellence Award
2018 Gungin Business Support Award Encouragement Award
Recent researchStudy on chemical morphology of heavy metal ions in environmental water, Development of flow analysis method for trace elements in environment, Development of heavy metal removal method from soil and environmental water
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